5 Best Practices for Securing AWS Backup Services

A Amazon Web Services is perfect when it comes to keeping your business data protection at a high level. 

Relying on AWS services is making sure that you are using a platform that is constantly evolving. AWS was the first leader in public cloud computing and has become a major player in AI, database, machine learning and serverless implementations. 

You can achieve effective data security in the cloud by taking responsibility. This involves identifying your security flaws and knowing how to fix them. 

The following best practices can help protect your data in AWS Backup. Check out!

5 Practices for Securing AWS Backup Services

1. Schedule frequent backups

If you are not backing up your data consistently and frequently, it can be nearly impossible to restore it in the event of an attack or disaster. 

Also, you should take advantage of AWS Availability Zones to duplicate your data across regions. While AWS Backup automates this process, you still need to schedule the backup process.

2. Audit your features

Identify your assets during setup so you know what you have and where it's stored. This can help identify which data is critical or sensitive. You can prioritize security measures such as access permissions and backup policies.

3. Secure root accounts

Sometimes admins forget to disable root access for an API after uploading apps. 

When this happens, an attacker can gain access to the root account and use it to disrupt operations and/or delete data. Root accounts must not be shared between applications. You must access based on need for use.

4. Limit data access

You must implement the principle of least privilege when configuring access rights and permissions. 

You can use the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) feature to create and manage access policies. IAM can help separate database management and administration from the application, further improving security. Avoid assigning general permissions to prevent compromised credential attacks.

5. Encrypt your data

Encryption can help protect your data by scrambling it and making it unusable to a would-be attacker. 

You can use the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to create and manage keys, controlling the use of encryption in your applications and backups. 

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