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Threat Intelligence: What are the benefits of this strategy?

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Threat intelligence's diverse use cases make it an essential resource for cross-functional teams in any organization. While perhaps the most immediately valuable when helping to prevent an attack, threat intelligence is also a useful part of triage, risk analysis, vulnerability management, and […]

Types of threat intelligence: which one to implement in your company?

Types of Threat Intelligence - Flexa Cloud

We're covering threat intelligence in a series of posts here on the blog. Earlier, we talked about how this strategy works; we point out the cycle to be traversed to reach it. Today we are going to help you think about the different types of threat intelligence. You will see that each of them responds to a goal, or […]

Threat Intelligence: In practical terms, how does it work?

How Threat Intelligence Works - Flexa Cloud

How is cyber threat intelligence produced? How does it work in the day to day of companies? What advantages are organizations that leverage it more likely to obtain, compared to their peers who have not yet gotten there? In our series of articles on the subject, we seek to lead you to understand why […]

Threat Intelligence: Why This Strategy Matters

Importance of Threat Intelligence - Flexa Cloud

Threat intelligence is the knowledge that allows you to prevent or mitigate attacks on corporate data. Rooted in data, it provides context: who is attacking, what their motivations and resources are, and what indicators of compromise to look for in applications. And this contextualization helps Information Technology (IT) managers to make decisions […]

Threat Intelligence: Why does your company need to scale it up?

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In a scenario where cyberattacks escalate frantically, prepared organizations avoid financial and image losses. Recently, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency released more than 60 new loopholes that governments and businesses need to close to prevent cyberattacks. This is because in 2021 an exponential increase in intrusions and data hijackings was detected, […]