Flexa modernizes healthtech infrastructure

A healthmap is a healhtech, which provides services to health plan operators. It is a company committed to providing technological and innovative solutions for effective care management, through its own technology for the web and application, striving for a modern and practical design.

The company operates 100% in the cloud, carrying out an epidemiological mapping, acting in the prevention of diseases and risks of illness. The flagship of healthmap is its telemedicine platform, where each company has a Java Cluster and a SQL Server database.

The challenge

Every company has a java cluster and a SQL Server database. The Java Cluster is a set of Fargate Tasks for each client running on AWS ECS Services. Since they have many SQL Server instances running on Linux EC2, all customers are distributed on these SQL Server instances.

However, there was not an always active SQL Server due to cost issues, even so, all instances had hourly snapshots which, in this case, were sufficient for the customer's needs.

A healthmap, before migrating to AWS, ran in an on-premise environment and wanted to modernize to benefit from the advantages of cloud computing already anticipating the expansion of its business.


The project was carried out and had the following schedule:

  • Map and model the entire technology architecture;
  • Propose technical migration scenarios;
  • Carry out a capacity planning and infrastructure sizing study;
  • Optimize system architectures and business applications;
  • Migrate SQL Servers;
  • Migrate vertical business applications;
  • Foresee backup and disaster recovery strategy;
  • Implement an integrated connectivity layer with VPN;
  • Provide expert support on cloud computing architecture and technology operation.

From there, it was carried out in two phases. The first consisted of building and migrating the approval environment and the second was based on the creation of the production environment, with the migration of banks organized by groups defined by the customer. Migrations were interspersed with periods of adaptation and monitoring by Healthmap.

Solution Architecture

The following AWS products were used:

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud – gives you full control over your virtual networking environment, including resource placement, connectivity, and security. Get started by setting up your VPC in the AWS Service Console
  • Amazon EC2 – Offers the broadest and deepest compute platform, with over 500 instances and the latest processor, storage, networking, operating system, and purchasing model options to help you better meet your workload needs.
  • Application load balancer – operates at the request level (layer 7), routing traffic to destinations (EC2 instances, containers, IP addresses and Lambda functions) based on the content of the request.
  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server – SQL Server is a data management system relational databases developed by Microsoft. Amazon RDS for SQL Server makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale SQL Server deployments on the a cloud.

Results and Benefits

From the migration it was already possible to verify:

  • 99,5% availability since migration ended.
  • Overall performance increased by 100% due to AWS network link performance and better hardware.

The entire operation followed the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, with processes related to financial security, in a broad setting, and which also provide recommendations for identity and access management. Flexa Cloud still poses issues related but not limited to: Enabling MFA for users, correct root account configuration, correct role configuration and others.

Do you want to modernize the infrastructure of your applications such as healthmap? Get to know Flexa's services and enjoy the best of AWS technology.