How to Migrate to the Cloud

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Seeking a more efficient IT infrastructure is routine for any company. All areas must work together to achieve common metrics and goals. Therefore, it is important to be attentive to new technologies that make the work environment more productive and increase the company's competitiveness.

Cloud computing is critical to any company's market growth. It guarantees high performance, agility and flexibility, with advantages ranging from remote data storage to integrated management systems.

Investing in cloud computing is a delicate process that must be accompanied by experienced professionals. Flexa is ready to help you evaluate the best tool to improve your business performance.

Advantages of migrating to the cloud


Cost reduction and control


High performance of your business in the market


Resolution of operational bottlenecks


More flexible and agile operational methodology


Dynamically increase scalability


More control in IT environments

custom projects

Unique combination of tools on AWS

To advance your business, it is important to have a cloud specialist to have greater clarity on the right moment and the necessary structure for migration to the cloud.

If you are in doubt about all the benefits that investing in the cloud can bring to your business or want to avoid an unfortunate migration with unnecessary losses, request an evaluation at Flexa and count on the support of a team specialized in the subject.
We are AWS certified with international recognition since 2013, developing more effective migration projects for each type of business.

Flexa takes the project off the ground with security and experience
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Learn about the assessment to enable the migration to the cloud

Report with analysis of the environment with indication of the best solutions for migration

Our team makes a survey of all existing IT systems in your business, and analyzes each process to define the best path and facilitate the migration to the cloud.

Investment plan

With the result of the previous evaluations, we were able to present a financial estimate projecting all the costs involved for migration and comparing with the current investments, revealing the possible cost reduction by choosing to invest in the cloud.

24 hour monitoring

Proactive observation and monitoring of processes minutely and piecemeal will reduce risks that could compromise future migration and upgrades. Based on these observations, we will recommend testing the process for compliance and ongoing productivity.

Optimizing Cloud Migration Deployment

After each process is completed and the customer understands the cost-effectiveness of their business to the cloud, we describe the options to optimize the deployment and reduce possible risks, thus ensuring the success of the migration of their business to the cloud.

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