Replicating Databases for Amazon Redshift

Replicating Databases to Amazon Redshift - Flexa Cloud

Check out a video demonstration of relational database replication for Amazon Redshift.

This Wednesday, the 13th, Deivid Bitti, chief scientist at Flexa, presented a “hands on” webinar in which he demonstrated live the process of replicating a database for Amazon Redshift.

The event, an initiative of AWS, of which Flexa is a partner, was attended by more than a hundred people simultaneously.

The executive replicated an Oracle database to Redshift with CDC (Change Data Capture), which allows changes made to the source database to be replicated in near real-time. 

“With the base replicated in Redshift, queries and reports can be executed without overloading the original base, making a process simpler and faster, as the base is replicated AS-IS, and given the characteristic of Redshift, this process can replace a Traditional ETL”, he explained.

Check out the full recording of the webinar: