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AWS certified and internationally recognized since 2013.

Flexa Cloud -AWS Certified

Count on a team of Cloud Computing experts taking care of your projects, so you can focus on your business without worrying about the cloud environment. With specialists managing your business, you save time, reduce costs, improve your performance, in addition to several benefits in structure.

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Provide innovative cloud solutions with quality and in a timely manner, always prioritizing customer needs.


To be recognized as a specialist and innovative company in Cloud solutions.


Quality: As a premise in all services provided. Innovation: Offer the market the most modern in Cloud, seeking development and reaching new possibilities. Seriousness: To properly fulfill the proposed tasks. Competence: To achieve every customer's satisfaction. Team: Visionary and motivated employees, who seek to serve the customer efficiently.

Why choose arrow?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Flexa's services. One of them is the fact that she is not only a seller of the products, but also a consumer. In other words, Flexa evaluates, validates and establishes a partnership to insert a certain product in its portfolio. Thus, she is assured that she is offering something of excellent quality.

It is no wonder that Flexa has won the trust of its customers, having been sought after by companies from the most diverse sectors and even serving customers of AWS Amazon itself, the world leader in cloud computing. Amazon itself indicates Flexa for recognizing its expertise.

Check out some Flexa Cloud Services benefits:


Full lifecycle tracking of cloud applications

Access to Flexa Expert on AWS

monthly customer support

Cost reduction

We took DevOps off the ground and put it into practice, visit the website and meet the Vila Apps team.

Leave the administration of the cloud that keeps your business connected to us. You and your team should only have one concern: do good business!

It is very easy and fast to get support from Flexa.

We provide an exclusive area for our customers.